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There are many aspects to practicing. practicing includes learning the musical style and phrasing, learning the structure, understanding the context of the composition and learning to interpret and perform the music. Practicing also includes physical and mental practicing and finding the best possible practicing techniques to learn things in a fast and effective way.

Progressive practice by planning your physical practicing gradually increases your endurance and prepares you for more demanding competition and performance situations. The main aim of planning your practice is to get your body to recover properly and achieve better strength. When you have the experience of practicing periods and building up your strength, you also learn to plan your preparing and set the goals. Then you can have the best possible timing for your auditions/ competitions and concerts in the future.

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If you find your best way of learning, you will have more good feelings about your development and well being and be more motivated. You can learn more about the function of the brain and add it to your practicing to improve your focus. You can also be creative and use your imagination (stories, characters, images, feelings, senses, audition, pictures, texts, flow) as tools for practicing. Creative improvisation can  help you to explore your practicing and bring more joy and motivation into your playing.

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I am very interested in different practicing techniques. I`m working in an international teachers group where we have developed a web page about different practicing techniques for musicians.


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